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Our Vision

We design and build spaces that make people happy.

We at Frankie Machine strongly believe that the space we live and work in has a direct effect on us. We also believe that every individual has the right to live in a space that contributes to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

It’s our mission to work with our clients to create, build and transform ordinary spaces into living environments, that ultimately make people happy.

How we work

We believe that each space and individual has it’s own unique characteristics and therefore each project is hand crafted and designed.

Design thinking

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Design = people + space + objects

Design as a discipline places emphasis on people and how they live in regards to the creation of space. However, no two people will experience space in the same way.

Individual meaning and preferred use/user experience of the space becomes better understood through a dialogue between the designer and the occupants of the space.

Each project therefore has it’s own unique characteristics and the lived user experience is the driver of the design decisions.

In short, through meeting, having lots of coffee, some craft beers, and then designing and building, we create spaces that make people happy.

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We offer the following services.

– Furniture design and build.
– Building interior design and build
– Building retrofitting and remodeling
– Non-structural building alterations

Conscious consumerism

We are moving into a time where people are wanting to know who is making their product, where is it made, how is it made. Here at Frankie Machine, we believe in approaching design holistically, making sure that our materials are sourced from renewable sources and are of the best quality to ensure our high level of craftsmanship.

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality and sustainability. We don’t build to have clients, we have clients because we build, and to us building relationships while doing what we are passionate about is why we do what we do.

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